New release from NMC the best so far this year

The latest release from NMC Recordings has arrived, and it's a cracker; Martin Butler's Dirty Beasts, performed by members of the New London Chamber Ensemble, with Roald Dahl's deliciously wicked poem read by the always-good-value Simon Callow; although for my money the title work is outdone by the aching simplicity of 'Down-Hollow Winds,' the quasi-Chick Corea riffing of 'Rumba Machine,' the lissome 'Fall' for flute and piano, and the hypnotic 'Preludes Inegales' which will appeal to fans of Adams' 'China Gates.'


Find out more about the disc, and listen to samples on the NMC website here.


The best release so far from NMC in 2016 ? Just possibly...

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